Document Type : Research Paper



Middle East is a region in which conflict and disintegration is much more prevalent than integration and cooperation. Meanwhile, current civil wars in Iraq and Syria have effected regional security complex in the region. The purpose of the this paper is to examine the effects of civil wars in Iraq and Syria on maturity of Middle East security complex. The findings of the paper illustrate that the civil wars in Iraq and Syria have led to the formation of a larger subset including the subset of the Persian Gulf and Aramaea. These conflicts have led to the reinforcement of pattern of conflict between Iran and Sunni regimes of the Persian Gulf especially Saudi Arabia. However, a competition between Sunni regimes of the region has complicated the security complex of Middle East. Moreover, these developments have marginalized the conflicts between Israel and Arabs and have led to an ideological transition into Islamic intra discursive conflict. The methodology of the present paper is descriptive analytical.